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Neck, Back and Spinal problems

80% of people will suffer from back pain.
Our Chartered Physiotherapist can help treat it

Back Pain

Studies show that eighty percent of people will suffer from back pain at some point and in their lives and statistics further indicate that this figure is due to increase particularly amongst the younger age group.

Our spine works every day, taking on the stress of the life and work. A healthy weight range and behavioural changes – such as sitting with correct posture, or lifting heavy objects close to the body, using the legs while keeping the back straight– are all important.

Symptoms of back pain may range from muscle ache to shooting or stabbing pain, limited flexibility and range of motion, an inability to stand straight, hip and leg pain or numbness and/or pins and needles.

With the assistance of your GP and a Chartered Physiotherapist, the vast majority of back pain is treatable. At Physiotherapy Works, we will assess the level of your back pain and provide an appropriate treatment.

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