About Us

We are passionate about helping you reach your full physical potential

We believe that physiotherapy can make a positive impact on your overall physical and mental health, managing pain and getting you back to work or sport or just enjoying life as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to provide expert experienced advice (we have 25 years of expertise!) that you can trust. Advice that is scientifically and medically based. Naas Physiotherapy Clinic was established in1990 by Elizabeth Kent, David Gardiner took over the practice in 2000, his wife Caitlin Gardiner joined the practice in 2001.

We now have a team of eight Chartered Physiotherapists, two pilates instructors, two gym instructors, two massage therapists and three reception staff. Naas Physiotherapy clinic and Blessington Physiotherapy Clinic are now under the one umbrella of Physiotherapy Works. The principle of continue professional development is very important to us. We hold regular in house training, our physiotherapists attend courses and seminars regularly, we have our finger on the pulse in new developments within physiotherapy. All our physiotherapist have high academic qualifications and hands on experience.

We work with an extensive network of doctors and consultants in Kildare and Dublin that we liaise with regularly, should you need a further referral. Most of all we love working with people. It is privilege to be able to make a positive impact of people’s lives.

Our standards are high, we work hard but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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