The cost of falling

The cost of falling We have all had a fall at one point or another- especially as children- trivializing the topic which can make most of us disregard there potential severity. However these unexpected/ unintentional loss of balance, especially in the elderly population, results in significant injury, disability and even death. Who is at the …

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Metabolic Syndrome

Prior to becoming a healthcare professional, I had not heard of the term Metabolic Syndrome. This syndrome, effecting approximately 1 in 5 adults, is not discussed often with clients and a majority of people are unaware of potentially meeting its criteria. What is Metabolic Syndrome? It is a group of risk factors that places you …

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What is ergonomics

You may have heard the term ergonomics floating around work- but what does it mean? Ergonomics is the study of employees and their job, with focus on the tasks and environment. Ergonomics is important for employers to identify and implement approaches to increase productivity and employee As well, by looking at the tasks and employee …

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