Physiotherapy fees qualify for tax relief and are covered under health insurance


  • Initial/New Consultation €65
  • Standard Treatment €60
  • Treatment with Shockwave Therapy €75
  • Treatment with Laser €75


If you don’t have private health insurance, or your policy doesn’t refund all or any of your treatment costs, you can use form MED1 to claim tax relief on the un-reimbursed portion of general medical expenses. This applies whether you are a PAYE worker or self-employed.

You can only claim for medical expenses if you have receipts to prove your claim.

You can find more information HERE.

Covered by All Main Health Insurers

Physiotherapy Works services are covered by all the main private health insurers. Check your policy to see how much of your fees are reimbursed and number of allowable treatments. Physiotherapy Works can provide receipts each visit to submit your claim annually using the health insurer’s policy!

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