Is chronic health holding you back from exercising?

Would you like to get back to exercise?

But chronic health or illness is holding you back?

Our pilates classes grew out of a need to give our patients a safe form of exercise that would adhere to physiotherapy principles, give clients a great work out, teach exercises that clients could draw on when they have discomfort or pain. But most importantly to develop the exercise habit and have some fun working out. The classes proved really popular and in 2007 we opened up general classes for everyone.


The general classes developed and we now run over 40 classes per week from beginners level to advanced level. Many of our clients have been attending weekly since 2007!! This is testament to our instructors, they continue to push clients, challenging them and constantly change workouts to keep it interesting.


However we have never forgotten out roots, many of our clients have chronic health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, stroke etc. We run specific chronic health classes. As we are a physiotherapy led service, our clients trust that we can modify exercises to suit their needs. Again apart from all the many benefit of pilates (improved balance, coordination, flexibility,  posture, develop muscles to support the spine and joints, overall feeling of well being and empowerment) it also develops that crucial HABIT of exercise. Also there is a social benefit as we find our clients become friends as they exercise with the same people every week.

Our reformer classes are small, max 5 and our mat classes have a max of 10 per class.

If you are interested in our classes for chronic health please contact us on 045-866075 or, 7 reformer classes cost €175 which includes a physiotherapy assessment prior to commencing. We have made a short video you can view here:

There is loads of free parking including disabled parking outside our door.

Read three testimonials from our clients from the chronic health pilates classes:


Having been diagnosed a number of years ago with MS; I was always reticent about joining any fitness classes because of my inability to run, jog, jump etc. due to my balance.  I was then diagnosed last year with Osteoporosis. This was when I heard about Reformer Pilates.

It allows me to exercise both my muscles and joints in a safe environment with a highly trained instructor.  It is brilliant and I really enjoy it.   As well as it being fun, I have met new friends as it is a small class, not competitive and you can work at your own speed.   I am now pre-active about my health and have never felt better.




I have been attending Reformer Classes with Eadaoin since 2007.  The classes were recommended by Mr David Gardiner, Chartered Physiotherapist, whom I am attending with lower back problems.

Undertaking classes like these can be daunting for someone like me that has never been into sporting activity.  To my surprise, I have found the classes to be beneficial, very enjoyable and great fun.  In fact, I look forward every week to attending.

I put my enthusiasm for and enjoyment of these classes down to my instructor Eadaoin.  She tailors each session to each student’s capability whether one is coordinated or not.  Accordingly, each student gains confidence in their own ability in time.

In January 2014, I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.  Continuous sessions of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and three surgical procedures later and I am still attending  Eadaoin’s classes. Her patience, understanding, care and even more specific, attention to detail in formulating exercises suitable for me and other students with medical conditions is remarkable.  In short, she is a gem and I really enjoy attending her classes.


February 2016.



Having been diagnosed with Ms, 3 1/2 years ago and advised not to go to a gym due to a bulge in my spine, I knew I wanted to do something to maintain my health in the long term.

I discovered PhysiotherapyWorks through my sister and started a beginners reformer pilates course in September 2014. I am now on my 3rd course and can definitely see a massive improvement in my fitness, posture and overall well being. Besides this our class of five are now like a family and enjoy our class where we get to laugh and work out at at the same time.

Eadaoin is a fantastic instructor and has really taken into consideration all our different issues while tailoring our classes to meet our needs.



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