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Alison Reilly

Personal Trainer

I studied sports management at UCD.

Group fitness instructor with the National training college

Spinning instructor

Kettle bell instructor

Strongman instructor

Diploma in personal training

I also have a diploma in public relations and a certificate in psychotherapy

I have always been interested in health and well-being. My real passion is functional training and mobility. Functional training is exercises mimicking every day movements e.g. we squat every day to sit into chairs. We are constantly reaching up to get things from a height. I cannot emphasise the importance of mobility and stretching as part of a training programme. Mobility and stretching work together to keep joints and muscles flexible. I also have an 80/20 rule when it comes to food. 80% clean eating and 20% of healthy treats and I find this ratio combined with exercise keeps me in a healthy body weight.

Outside of work I have very busy life as a mother. I’m your typical soccer mum, always on the road driving my children to matches and the rest. My interests are strength training, hiit training, running and gardening