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Corporate Physiotherapy

Keeping the corporate body fit and motivated

Corporate Service – PhysiotherapyWorks

Physiotherapy Works’ services are highly valued by the major companies in our locality. The relationships we have formed with some of the major employers have grown over the years to the good of the staff and the management.

We assist corporates such as Kerry Group, Boran Packaging and Pfizer on a regular basis. As Physiotherapy Works guarantees fast access to treatment, patients can be visited quickly and this means faster recovery and less time away from work. 

All our Chartered Physiotherapists are trained to the highest standards and are passionate about the health of our patients. We know how important it is to help keep a staff fit, healthy and productive. We work closely with a range of health care insurance providers.

Benefits for Employers and Employees;

Get fast access to a wide range of treatments

Reduce absence from work

Benefit from cost-effective treatments

Improve staff morale and productivity

See an earlier return to work after illness or injury

Reduce financial liabilities

Insurance Plans