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Barre Class 

Ballet’s not just for little girls… Strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire bodybarre235

 Pound per pound, very few people can match the strength of a tiny prima ballerina!

 Our Barre classes make use of a Pilates-based exercise system influenced by the graceful movements of ballet and incorporating many traditional asanas (postures) of traditional Hatha yoga. The result is a physically demanding system that will strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body.


Why not just do yoga?

 Barre exercises work the entire body while targeting and toning specific muscle groups to burn fat and sculpt and tone those problem areas: the seat, arms, thighs and abs. This is achieved through concentrated isometric movements, which work the muscle to fatigue and then stretch the muscle out again to lengthen it. Barre technique is an athletic fusion of elements from dance, Pilates, yoga and weight resistance. 


 Do I need to have done ballet or dance previously?

 No previous dance experience is necessary. We will help you choose a class that suits your current fitness and flexibility levels.


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