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Mens Pilates

Join the sports stars and celebrities who make Pilates part of their regime

Leave your preconceptions at the door! Tiger Woods, Gordon D’Arcy and the Kerry footballers are already benefitting from Pilates. Why not you?  Whether you interested in enhanced athletic performance or just reaping the rewards of increased strength and greater ease in every-day activities, read on!

Pilates targets and works the smaller muscles supporting the spine and core. And let’s not forget that research shows that Irish men are a lot less trim than they used to be! Who wouldn’t want to improve their waistline, while getting stronger and more mobile?


Benefits for men who practice Pilates:

Increased core strength and stability. You’ll see improvement in your sports performance and general daily activity

Increased flexibility, reducing the risk of injury to your hamstring muscles in particular

General injury prevention; improved balance from practicing Pilates helps reduce falls and trips

Relief from back pain; the enhanced strength of your core muscles will protect your back

Improved posture. Look better, feel better, breathe more easily

Improved athletic performance; Pilates is a great form of cross training

Increased general strength; our specialist instructors can help you add various pieces of equipment to our regular mat exercises, or try out the Reformer!


Up for a challenge?

Pilates is more challenging than you might anticipate. Its finely tuned movements require skill and dedication, but the results are worth it; greater symmetry and strength in the muscles throughout the body. Book a class online today or call us on 045 853726 to discuss the most appropriate class for you.

Pilates Christmas Voucher

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