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Pilates for Osteoporosis

For prevention or treatment, it’s never too late to start Pilates for Osteoporosis

I have some risk factors? What should I do?

If you have any concerns about Osteoporosis, speak with your GP as soon as possible. You doctor may arrange for you to have a DEXA scan in hospital, a risk-free, pain-free special x-ray of your bone density. In the meantime, get started on a regime of better nutrition and gentle weight-bearing exercise under our expert guidance. Good posture and life-long mobility start with strong, healthy bones.

Osteoporosis? That’s for older ladies, right?

Wrong! Osteoporosis, and its precursor Osteopaenia, can affect both sexes and any age group, even children. Poor nutrition, absorption difficulties (caused by conditions such as coeliac disorder), eating disorders, and the simple facts of aging, mean that our bones are vulnerable to loss of strength.

I already have osteoporosis. Is it too late?

It’s never too late to start living a stronger, healthier life. Gentle, weight-bearing exercise is known to prevent deterioration and even improve bone health. Additionally, our expert Pilates instructors will help you strengthen your muscles and improve your balance, reducing the risk of a fall which may lead to a bone fracture. 

How Physiotherapy Works can help

We are extremly excited to announce our new pilates classes; Healthy Bones!

These classes are created and will be lead by Charted Physiotherapist Fran Theron who has delevoped a keen interest in exercise for osteoporosis and back health over her 20 years of experience!

So what is Healthy Bones?

Healthy bones Mat class comprises of systematic approach to movement for balance and joint health.

It will be comprised of strengthening and balance based exercies aimed to improve and enhance bone and joint health, tone the body and improve posture, balance and overall strength.

This class will be geared to individuals with bone / joint conditions, osteoporosis, arthritis, and general neck and back pain as well as individuals looking to maintain their bone health!

Book in to Healthy Bones today using our timetable today or call us at 045-853726!

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