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Pilates Post-breast Cancer Surgery

Taking over where the surgeon left off

Tired, distressed, stiff and in pain? Physiotherapy Works truly understands.

If you are reading this, you have probably experienced, or are expecting to undergo, breast surgery, treatment and possible reconstruction. You probably have a million questions. We understand, and we are here to help.

Following breast cancer surgery or reconstruction surgery it is quite common to have shoulder and postural problems. Sometimes surgery will require removal of axillary nodes from the armpit, sometimes leading to swelling and pain. After a partial or total mastectomy, you may find that your shoulder stiffens due to scar tissue. 

Hunched over? Protecting your scar? Stiff and sore?

Your anatomy can go through huge changes during breast cancer or reconstructive surgery. Large amounts of muscle and fat may have been taken from your abdomen or upper back and moved around to reconstruct the breast. No wonder everything feels tight and stretched. You might find yourself hunching over, in a guarding position. Careful, expert rehabilitation can really help to prevent poor posture and restore strength to all the affected areas.

Tailor-made, expert care

Our Physiotherapy Works breast cancer Pilates classes are designed with all these issues in mind.

The classes are only 30 minutes long, making allowance for post-cancer fatigue. The class takes place three times a week and a programme will be devised for you to follow at home to maximise the benefits of your efforts. 

As early as six weeks post-surgery, with the approval of your doctor, you can start the programme.

Our resident breast cancer rehabilitation expert, Caitlin Gardiner, runs these classes. She will meet you individually before you start your six-week tailored course. 

Contact Caitlin in confidence at caitlin@physiotherapyworks.ie or 045 853726. Be assured of our discretion and tact as we help you through the difficult transition from patient to survivor.

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