Stroke & Neurological Rehabilitation

Get back on your feet faster after stroke, injury or disease

Physical Rehab

Physiotherapy Works wants to help you maximize your quality of life and movement potential, whatever your current state of health.

Physical rehabilitation is a medical specialty focusing on restoring maximum function to a patient who has been disabled as a result of a disease, disorder or injury.

Following a period of incapacitation, physiotherapy treatment plays a crucial role in getting you back on your feet again, safely and with appropriate guidance.

Who can benefit from rehab?

Even after a stroke or other neurological injury, there is always the potential for enhanced healing and greater return to your normal activities. Stroke patients deserve more attention than the hospital system can provide, and the possible benefits are huge. Whether your aim is simply to live independently again, or to climb Croagh Patrick, we can devise a regime to help.

And it’s not just neurological patients who can benefit. Whether you have had a joint immobilized in a cast, have recently undergone surgery, are recovering from a period of hospitalisation/immobilisation, our Chartered Physiotherapists will be on hand to assist you in returning to your maximum physical potential.

Rehabilitation Gym

Our new state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym is designed to assist patients to speed up their recovery, and is a welcome addition to the clinic.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists utilise the full functionality of the new gym to conduct Medical Exercise Therapy. Medical exercise therapy is a complete, active rehabilitation approach, to assist our patients with acute or chronic pain. It is suitable for all patients, up to and including elite athletes. Find out more about Medical Exercise Therapy.

Patients availing of Medical Exercise Therapy will attend an hour-long supervised rehabilitation session with our Chartered Physiotherapist, whilst still availing of their regular physiotherapy treatments here at Physiotherapy Works, or in the hospital system.

Several members of our team – David Gardiner, Kishan Mistri, Eimear Hoare, Louise O’ Rourke, Tomas O’ Connell and Eadaoin Ponisi – are fully qualified to supervise your rehabilitation session.

An individual and detailed rehabilitation programme will be devised by our Chartered Physiotherapist, in conjunction with your regular physiotherapist.

Each hour-long rehab session costs €50 and a discount is available when you book five sessions together. These fees qualify for reimbursement (part or full depending on the policy) by Irish medical insurers.

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