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I have been to a lot of physios in my life but could honestly say I have yet to meet a better one

Lucky to have such a great Pilates studio in Naas! Excellent instructors and small classes

If I am out injured, I attend Caroline at Naas Physiotherapy Clinic. The clinic recently provided a really useful to all the jockeys riding at the Punchestown Festival.

Andrew Lynch

Multiple Cheltenham winning jockey

When I need physiotherapy, I go to see Caroline at Naas Physiotherapy Clinic. I used the physio service provided by the clinic at the recent Punchestwon Festival. Getting treatment pre-race meant that I did not have to rely on pain killers.

Robbie Power

Grand National winning jockey

Just to say thanks to Thomas for getting rid of a hip pain that I have had for a few years. Yep just two visits and I am back in action 100 percent. Terrific!

Bill Cullen

Irish businessman

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I suffer from Spina Bifida and unfortunately I was diagnosed with chronic pain condition in my back around four years ago. I was out of work for a few months and was grey with pain, I could not even bend down to tie my own shoelaces; sometimes even giving someone a hug was too much. I was pretty desperate but then I started seeing Jon in Naas Physiotherapy Works Clinic around March 2010. The first time I met Jon I started to make small improvements as he showed me some simple exercises which made things a bit better. Over the next year I worked with Jon initially on a weekly basis as he thought me how to manage my condition myself, which is now what you need to do when you have chronic pain. He also taught me a daily exercise regime and a gym programme which I do three times a week.

As time passed I started needing to see him less and less, and gradually I was able to go back to many things that I enjoyed such as cycling. I also took up yoga which I never thought I would be able to do. Without Jon’s help I would never had made the progress I did or had the confidence to go back to a lot of the activities I enjoyed before having chronic pain. I have also been able to return to work on a part time basis, and with Jon carrying out an excellent ergonomic assessment of my work station, my symptoms have decreased and my quality of life has improved. I now see Jon a few times a year to progress my gym programme, and whenever I have a flare up its reassuring to know that with a couple of sessions with Jon I will be ok.

In summary I would say that I have been to a lot of physios in my life but could honestly say I have yet to meet a better one than Jon. What make him stand head and shoulders above the rest is that he has a very meticulous approach which can best be described as forensic in nature and this is invaluable when dealing with complex problems like the ones I suffer from. He also has a very ppleasantmanner which really puts you at ease.

Finally I have to say that I am a totally different person now than I was when I first met Jon, and have no hesitation in highly recommending his services to anyone.

Joseph Harding

I am writing to commend the work of Kishan Mistri. In a world where we are all too quick to write a letter of complaint, we are much too slow to acknowledge the fantastic work of people like Kishan.

My young son, presented to Kishan last October with a Gross Developmental Delay. Since then he has been assessed and tested by every possible consultant and specialist in every possible discipline. He has had treatment for constipation and public physio from both The Coombe Hospital and Enable Ireland. Nobody has had the same impact on him as Kishan. His kindness, compassion and infinite patience have allowed my son to make the most significant progress that we, as his parents have seen, and we feel that this is in no small part through Kishan’s work.

Kishan’s supreme optimism has been something which I have been particularly greatful for. While he has never made me false promises with repect to my son, he offers me constant reassurance and reminds me of the progress which we have watched him make over the last 6 months, and for this, Kishan will have my eternal gratitude and prayers.

I never expected my son to enjoy physiotherapy. He is 18 months old and trying to explore the world, but without fail, he gets very excited when we mention going to see Kishan, and is always delighted to see him on our weekly trips, greeting him with a smile and a barage of blown kisses. For his part, Kishan seems equally enthusiastic about seeing my son and has taken great pleasure in watching him improve.

Few people in life can make a real difference; Kishan has made a real difference in my sons life, and I know that we will watch him walk together someday. “

Kindest regards


Would like to say thanks to David and his team for helping me with my legs. 13 weeks ago I couldn’t run 1k but with the help of David and his team over the last few weeks I managed to run my very first 10k run non stop. Thanks very much lads and I’ll be telling everyone I meet about your service and professionalism.

George O'Neill

Thanks Eimear after just one visit my shoulder feels 10x better. See you in a fortnight!

Jo McGarry

Have been attending reformers classes for years and find them excellent! Have recently started the personal training also twice a week and have noticed a huge improvement in a short space of time.


I have been attending Naas Physiotherapy for a number of years with a lower back injury, which flares up from time to time.

I have been delighted with the level of treatment that I have received at the clinic which has kept the condition in check. I appreciate in particular the care and attention with which the injury is monitored and the wide range of treatments available.

Rory Finnegan

I have been attending Naas Physiotherapy Clinic for nearly a year now.

I initially joined Pilates as it was recommended to me by my Consultant post-op. The Pilates Classes are absolutely fantastic, very professionally run, great craic and have aided my recovery process no end.

Also, if you want the best neck and back massage ever, make an appointment with Tony. I would rate them as the best massages I have ever had. Keep up the good work

Geraldine Heffernan

I started taking mat Pilates classes at Physiotherapy Works in Sept 2011 and in Feb 2012 changed over to reformer Pilates classes as I was getting married in Sept 2012 and wanted to get nice and toned. The classes are small and Kishan (my instructor) always teaches in a very constructive and encouraging way and also makes the classes very enjoyable while making sure you get the most out of the class! Physiotherapy Works offer great flexibility with classes and are very accommodating when having to make up classes if any are missed. I ended up having to get my wedding dress taken in 3wks before my wedding, something I really wasn’t expecting… would highly recommend the classes

Ciara Wheeler

Now that I have moved to England, I thought I’d send you a quick email to let you know that I am really missing my weekly Pilates reformer with Gillian greatly! I always say that there’s no benefit in praising someone to others and not letting them know personally. So along with telling everyone I know how great her classes are, I’d like to let you know what a fantastic instructor Gillian is and that I was very lucky to have been taught by her. I am doing Pilates here in Welwyn and there isn’t an instructor to compare to Gillian and the centre I attend is considered one of the best in Hertfordshire! I will have to work twice as hard on my own in order to keep the fitness and toned physique she helped me develop!! Can you please pass on my grateful praise to Gillian and I hope to call back in for classes any time I am home.

Sinead Kelly

Great instruction on top of the range reformers. Great for improving core strength and flexibility.

Jeanne O'Dwyer

I have attended pilates/reformer classes since the studio opened in 2007. My initial reason for attending was to strengthen my back and improve my posture. (I play the harp and was experiencing some pain after a limited practice period). Up to that point I had had regular physio sessions.

After the first couple of mat classes I noticed an improvement in my back and I’m happy to report that in the last 3 years I have only had to resort to one physio session. I now have the means and knowledge to exercise myself out of any discomfort I may have. I am delighted to be able to do so.

Apart from that obvious advantage, I have gained in other wonderful ways. My posture is much improved and is regularly commented on. My back is considerably stronger and rarely causes me any discomfort. My whole body is toned and I have a flexibility I have not known since childhood.

Just over 12 months ago I enrolled in the reformer classes and I thoroughly enjoy them. I can now do exercises I could only have dreamed of just a few short months ago. I find it remarkable that even going to a class once a week can produce such results.

Pilates is not a quick fix, but if you have the type of personality that is prepared to stick at something, you will gain enormously from this discipline. The effects are truly amazing and long lasting.

Mary Nolan

Very friendly and accomodating. Highly recommend the Pilates Reformer Classes.

Sinead Dunne

Eadaoin is a wonderful teacher. Would highly recommend pilates works!

Sinead Webb

Great spot… Super trainers & small class sizes.

Tamso Doyle

I’ve been attending Pilates here for over 6 years; changing from mat Pilates to reformer about 4 years ago. I had huge improvement with back issues with reformer and Eadaoin, our instructor, is brilliant for working with students on their various injuries/conditions. After a knee injury she simply adjusts some exercises for me so I can work slightly different to others. You don’t usually realise how hard you are working because of the fun that we have! Looking forward to the new reformers.

Sharyn McMenamin

I had problems with my back after the birth of my first child in 2006 after trying numerous Physio’s and feeling it was not fixable a friend recommended Physiotherapy Works. From my first visit my back improved. I attended David Gardiner who advised me my core was weak and needed to be strengthened and referred me upstairs for a course of Pilates and I never looked back. I continued to do Pilates for a few years and never had back trouble with my other children but what was the most important thing is I can now manage my own back and if it gives me trouble I now have the exercises to relieve it. I now live abroad but try to get to Physiotherapy Works whenever I am home.
What I found was a local family run business with people who genuinely care about the mental impact a bad back or an injury can have on our wellbeing. I would highly recommend

Ellen Nestor

The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable . Very patient and helpful. There’s an excellent range of classes to suit all levels and experience

Imelda Corcoran

Lucky to have such a great Pilates studio in Naas! Excellent instructors and small classes!

Sinead O Duinnin

Excellent facility, great teachers, just love my reformer classes. Thanks to all x

Jo McGarry

Having been diagnosed with Ms, 3 1/2 years ago and advised not to go to a gym due to a bulge in my spine, I knew I wanted to do something to maintain my health in the long term.

I discovered PhysiotherapyWorks through my sister and started a beginners reformer pilates course in September 2014. I am now on my 3rd course and can definitely see a massive improvement in my fitness, posture and overall well being. Besides this our class of five are now like a family and enjoy our class where we get to laugh and work out at at the same time.

Eadaoin is a fantastic instructor and has really taken into consideration all our different issues while tailoring our classes to meet our needs.


Having been diagnosed a number of years ago with MS; I was always reticent about joining any fitness classes because of my inability to run, jog, jump etc. due to my balance. I was then diagnosed last year with Osteoporosis. This was when I heard about Reformer Pilates.

It allows me to exercise both my muscles and joints in a safe environment with a highly trained instructor. It is brilliant and I really enjoy it. As well as it being fun, I have met new friends as it is a small class, not competitive and you can work at your own speed. I am now pro-active about my health and have never felt better.


I have been attending Reformer Classes with Eadaoin since 2007. The classes were recommended by Mr David Gardiner, Chartered Physiotherapist, whom I am attending with lower back problems.

Undertaking classes like these can be daunting for someone like me that has never been into sporting activity. To my surprise, I have found the classes to be beneficial, very enjoyable and great fun. In fact, I look forward every week to attending.

I put my enthusiasm for and enjoyment of these classes down to my instructor Eadaoin. She tailors each session to each student’s capability whether one is coordinated or not. Accordingly, each student gains confidence in their own ability in time.

In January 2014, I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Continuous sessions of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and three surgical procedures later and I am still attending Eadaoin’s classes. Her patience, understanding, care and even more specific, attention to detail in formulating exercises suitable for me and other students with medical conditions is remarkable. In short, she is a gem and I really enjoy attending her classes.


For eight years due to an injury I have had every kind of treatment, exercise and seen many a consultant you can think of trying to get a proper diagnosis for my condition and seek the appropriate treatment. Not too many practitioners know about dura and myofascial matter within the body.

I had been to Physiotherapy before, attending a physiotherapist and Pilates classes. But as time moved on I was no longer able to do any of my exercises, i.e. Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Swimming.

No matter what exercise I tried to do it made the pain worse and I was only getting a day or two relief from visits to both my Osteopath and the Muscle Skeletal Clinic I was attending.

Then last October 2015 a friend recommended I make an appointment to see Angela. On my initial visit, Angela knew exactly what was happening within my body before I mentioned my usual drill of what had happened to cause this chronic pain. Angela took the time to listen to me, started working on my dura and fascia matter and also said that my gluteus was not firing properly. She gave me a gentle programme to work with a home. On my visits to Angela, she releases the dura and fascia system to help relieve the pain.

Recently on Angela’s recommendation I started in the Pilates Reformer studio with Eadaoin to help strengthen my body and I am hoping that between Angela continuing to release my dura and fascia matter and doing the Pilates that this will be the end of my nightmare living with chronic pain.

Angela is professional, kind and caring and gives me encouragement on my bad days. She also makes me laugh and I know she is doing everything within her experience and knowledge to help me reach my goal back to good health. So a big huge Thank You to her. Angela is a great asset to

Physiotherapy Works.

The Practice Manager, Adrienne is so organised and very efficient and always appears calm. She always has time for each client who arrives in Reception. It is a tough job keeping it all together a bit like the cog in the wheel.

Pauline Murray

I have to compliment Emma, I attended ante-natal Pilates with her from 16 to 41 weeks of pregnancy and I enjoyed every class. She makes the exercises accessible, practical and enjoyable, and was able to give loads of great everyday advice for managing physical complaints during pregnancy. I’ve been recommending her to everyone as an excellent physio, and a fantastic Pilates instructor. Please pass on my thanks to her for all her support for the past 9 months, and I hope to see her soon with my new daughter in too!