The 50 class challenge

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when we all start thinking about new year resolutions and maybe what extreme diet or extreme exercise we will punish ourselves with! While short terms gains can be made with extreme exercise however it is unlikely that it is sustainable and very likely to be a distant memory by February.

At Pilates Works we prefer the gentle approach. We challenge you to do one class per week for 2019 and see the changes. We believe that 1 hour of pilates per week for 1 year could change your life. So we invite you to take the 50 class challenge. 

To encourage you to take one hour a week for yourself we are offering 20% off. 50 mat classes was €500 and is available for the month of January for €400. (Must be used by 19/12/19).

Follow this link to book:

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