How tying laces can leave you in pain

Do you suffer from foot pain?


There are many causes of foot pain –  but a simple thing you can do for yourself is to check how you lace your shoe.

Believe it or not  – how you lace your shoes can the be the root of some foot pain.  Below are some simple adjustments that can be made to your shoe laces that might relieve some of your ongoing foot pain.

Pain on top of your foot?

Leave a space in the lacing to reduce the pressure on the top of the foot


Heel slippage?

To stop your heel from slipping in your shoes –  criss cross your shoe laces as normal. Form a lace-lock when you reach the top as seen in the picture below


Toe Problems?

If you suffer from bleeding toes, hammer toe or corns lace your shoes so that there’s more space in the toe box area


If this does not resolve your pain, call one of our expert physiotherapists for an assessment today  – book online or call us on 045-866075.



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